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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

LDS Church teaches Canning

I love my Church. It goes beyond saving my soul. This winter has killed our savings down to nothing. With the high cost to heating our home this winter (and its only 3 days into winter but it has been cold here for month now). We need to really buck up and fight hard to get our savings back on track.

While we may typically associate home canning with an obsolete past time our grandparents used to do, it is becoming more and more popular as people realize the need for healthier alternatives for food as well as those looking for ways to save money.

The reasons that most people can their own foods are:

Save Money: (the raw cost of freezing or canning is cheaper if you do it yourself, but only if you have a source of free or extremely inexpensive vegetables and fruits) - yep going to be growing this summer NO BRAINER there... You can save $$ instead of cents.... Also you can have all of your winter food done in the summer, so if one were to lose a job or such - you won't starve or like us, no money for food but instead using the funds to keep warm.

Healthier: BPA, BPA, BPA, (foods such as tomatoes is on the rise)... Bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical found in plastics and food packaging, has made headlines in the past couple of years as it has been linked to heart disease, diabetes, breast and prostate cancers, and reproductive abnormalities.

Service to Others: A friend, A neighbor, A family member... They hit hard times. You and others can help stock their shelves to get them through some hard times. PIF (Pay It Forward)

The LDS Church offers classes to teach its member how to can. And before you know it all canners. There are millions of folks who do not know how to can their own food - we were taught but we are eager to learn. And learn we did.

Its a calling in our Church and I am most thankful for the two who carry this calling. And so at this class we learned the difference of a canning.

water bath canning Water bath canning is the process most people use to can fruits, vegetables, jams, jellies, and pickles at home

pressure cooking to can your own meat How to can meat – by Repair Mama and our rule of thumb for meat purchase is $2.00 or less per lb (so NO we do not EVER eat deli meats or such - that's way out of our price range).

Here is fun picture of our canning class and I swear, my wife and I were the only ones there that DIDN'T know how to can. As a child my wife grew up with canning foods. But she was into sports and her family pushed her into that life and did all the behind scenes. I am a city boy, enough said but I am finding out - that is a poor excuse. So if we were ever to live in the city again, we would still do our own canning. PERIOD.

I am so proud of my church and I bare testimony that the church stands for truth, service, help, teachings and improving the lives all those who seek it, need it and want it. And I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ.

I wish to thank Monty and Debbie for taking the time to teach and for the wonderful treats you gave the class including our books - which will be a huge big use to us this summer. You two have been a Blessing to so many. And we hope one day to be the same towards others as we strive to learn and do better!!
to our readers, be on the look out this summer for we will be canning everything we possible can. We are here to PIF with our knowledge as we learn and do...
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